Taper #5 will be exhibited at ELO Conference 2021

April 5, 2021

Glad to report that Taper #5: Pent Up was accepted in full for the Electronic LIterature Organizations 2021 Platform (Post?) Pandemic Exhibition. ELO is the premier organization for electronic literature, and the whole issue was accepted. The exhibition will launch sometime this month.  It is exciting to show the different ways constrained code poetry from around the world.  We're representing 18 authors from 5 continents, 8 countries, and 4 languages. My piece, Crumbs, is also in there. Here's our abstract:

Taper is an online magazine, or digital zine, that presents minimal electronic literature works exploring new visual, linguistic, literary and computational territory. Taper is inspired by the Oulipo’s combination of constraints with computation as a fertile ground for literary creativity. The work in it also relates to practices of sizecoding in the demoscene. Taper’s poems explore the poetic possibilities of the World Wide Web and JavaScript through concise expression. Artists are constrained to develop creative works that are no more than 2KB, inspired by a number and theme. Amidst global “social distancing,” the editorial collective issued an open call for works to reflect upon or chafe against our pandemic-induced confines. We sought inspirational pieces to make it easier to pass the time, reach out to others, or thrive while limited to only “virtual” society. In the minimalist spirit of Taper, works could embrace compression, austerity, and secrecy. In the phrase “Pent Up,” pieces also evoked the (false) etymology of the number five (pentagons, pentameters), as this fifth issue encouraged authors to reflect on the issue number’s significances and shapes. In Taper #5: Pent Up, we published seventeen works from authors based in eight different countries and written in four languages (most notably Wixárika). The diverse range of people who responded to our open call reflects on the global crisis caused by COVID-19.